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    The sessions with Violetta provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make in my life. Violetta challenged my beliefs in a positive way and at every step of the way the solutions came from me. Prior to meeting her, I was struggling to juggle too many things and I was never getting the important things done. This journey was unmistakably the best gift I could offer to myself. I cannot thank Violetta enough for her help and support.

    Eleni Stefanopoulou, Greece

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    I went to Violetta stuck and overwhelmed with opportunities, not sure which were best for me. She helped me clarify my thoughts and set goals based on my values and she had a miraculous way of distilling my words and ideas and eliciting my true desires. She helped me to connect more fully to my inner source of power and creativity which enabled me to move forward with more clarity, focus and ease. Violetta is a beautiful human being with a lot to give the world and I wish her all the very best in her life!

    Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Greece

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    I reached out to Violetta for assistance with achieving greater balance in my life with my career, family and self-care. With her seemingly endless enthusiasm and generous spirit she provided me with an unparalleled feeling of unconditional support. I have improved all my relationships with friends, family, co-workers and my own self by incorporating in my life patience, trust and acceptance. What I actually came away with was a totally new way of looking at my life. And for that I am grateful to Violetta.

    Sophia Vekiou, Greece

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    I am grateful for the progress I have made thanks to coaching with Violetta. In approximately three months I have managed to accomplish almost every goal that I set out for myself when I started working with her. Violetta helped me to create a new mental framework for relationships, where I can express what I need without feeling guilty. At that time I was in a transitional phase in my life and Violetta helped me to organize my thought with the questions that she brought to our sessions. Violetta beautifully combines inspiration, motivation, positive energy and she matches her language to her client, so that there is greater clarity in the communication. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Violetta's coaching.

    Natalia Hadji, Greece

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    I would like to express my deep gratitude to Violetta for the time she offered me, with love and care, through coaching sessions. It was an awesome experience for me to receive so much help and support in our sessions together, especially in a period of my life when I truly needed them. The way she approached the issues I had at the moment, her intelligent and pertinent questions, her guidance, even the tone of her voice that mirrored interest, care, positive energy and love for what she does, gave me the necessary impetus to return again to my path, to redefine my goals and to improve my perspective on various situations. Through Violetta I was introduced to and benefited from coaching, so I'm a big fan and supporter of this process. I strongly recommend coaching to friends and acquaintances and I heartily recommend Violetta as a coach!!!

    Vivian Efstathiou, Greece

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    I trusted Violetta from our very first conversation; she’s a warm and sincere person and I really felt that she cared about me even over the skype. We got very deep very quickly, with Violetta soon identifying three key areas to work on, areas which I hadn’t even realized myself but which were absolutely spot on. In each session, she also gave me plenty of concrete exercises to really make the insights from our discussion actionable. I’m absolutely confident that she can work wonders with you if you’re committed to answering the questions honestly and doing the thinking and the work on your side. Violetta clearly believes in the transformational power of life coaching, and I think you will too once you’ve worked with her!

    Anna Lundberg, United Kingdom

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    Coaching with Violeta allowed me to dig deeper in so many important topics to me. She always supported me to become clearly aware of what I need to reach my goals by asking the right questions in the right moment. I could explore so many questions in a very short time. Violeta always helped me focusing on the really important points to me, motivated me when I needed it, and taught me many effective accountability mechanisms to keep me on the path that I have chosen. Furthermore, she gave me the inspiration and tools to forge ahead. I would recommend Violeta to anyone who is looking for a way to explore themselves and to grow in general.

    Eva Gysling, Switzerland

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    Before I start coaching I had many fears regarding family issues as well as a lot of stress and conflicts at work. Coaching helped me better strategize and cope with the conflicts in my life. It helped me change my perspective regarding my family and my work issues. It enabled me to move forward on my studies.

    Through coaching I was able to better deal with stressors in my life. I became more positive and changed my perspective regarding elements that I had once considered as unresolvable. I was also able through the support of my coach to set outcomes and work towards achieving them, while earlier I had been stuck for some time in the same situations. The coaching journey was a truly learning and fulfilling experience of discovering my potential and my strengths and all my expectations were met. I enjoyed the exercises that were given to me, they were a great method to unravel components about myself and my life, which I hadn’t known or considered before. They also made me change my perspectives on several issues and helped me discover the many positives in my life. I particularly enjoyed the positive reinforcement and the support that I was provided with by Violetta. It was empowering to know that I had someone that was there for me when I needed her as a soundboard or as an instigator to move forward.

    The most important strength I have developed through the coaching experience is the ability to change perspective regarding difficulties in my life. This has made me approach life in a more positive way and feel blessed with what I have. In addition I have regained confidence in myself and my ability to carry out actions towards achieving a specific goal. I feel so empowered and serene. Coaching truly had a great impact on me. I feel empowered because of the strategies and the exercises Violetta provided to me since I always go back to them when I start feeling stressed or the negativity around me starts getting to me.

    Having Violetta as a coach was a great experience because she is an active listener and a great support. She has a gift for coaching “on the spot” so to speak. The results were really instantaneous and she has been a solid support in each and every session. I felt confident, every time, that I will be able to progress towards solving any problem or addressing any worry that I had. Violetta’s method of dialogue and exploration are fantastic: during the sessions I would feel that she understands me fully and that she is in sync to what I am sharing. The strategies that she used were well matched to the situation and very effective in helping me achieve the outcome that I was seeking. She has empowered me through the sessions in such a way that I have regained confidence in my inner strength and for that I thank her so much!! She made me feel that anything is possible and that no situation is too complex. I felt that I had a kind, trustworthy person who respected me and my life journey and whom I can count on to help me move forward in life.
    Maya Nabhani Zeidan, Lebanon

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