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    Be in love with yourself and your life.
    Are you ready to reconnect with your true self?

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    Allow yourself to dream big

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    Now, at this very moment,
    you have the power to reform yourself.
    Who do you choose to be?

Give permission to yourself to dream big

In order to truly be strong, successful and not become immobile by fear and doubt, we need to be able to use our mind effectively,

to focus our attention swimmingly to any goal we chose and to be able to bridge the gap between the place we are now (present) and the one we want to be (future).

It has been said that we wouldn’t be able to think of and set a goal unless it was already in our capacity to realize it.
There is a practice that helps us to associate to the future, to the future moment when we have accomplished successfully our goal, and allows us to experience success and negate the existence of any of the obstacles.

How can we practice?

We consider what it would be to enjoy the accomplishment of a goal that we truly desire. We imagine stepping out of the present moment and we find our self in the future moment, when we already have realized what it is we desire. We move, that is, forward in our life’s timeline and reach the place when we have accomplished successfully our goal. We live into that future experience as if it’s happening right now. We live into that future now. We imagine now that we are there, in the experience of having achieved the results we want.

We observe everything that happens inside and around us. How do we feel? How do we breathe? Are we smiling? How do we hold our self? What is our posture? What are our facial expressions?

We look around. What do we see? What is in the experience of having achieved what we desired? What kind of emotions do we have? What people say to us? How do we respond to them?

We imagine now, bringing back with us to “here and now” all the insights this experience has offered us. We bring back with us all the feelings of self-confidence, self-accomplishment and self-worth. Thus, all of our strengths become available and we gain access to them. And because our body knows that our goal is accomplished, fear is replaced by a sense of confidence and trust.

Violetta Psofaki
ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), ICA Certified Professional Coach (CPC),

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