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    Be in love with yourself and your life.
    Are you ready to reconnect with your true self?

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    Allow yourself to dream big

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    Now, at this very moment,
    you have the power to reform yourself.
    Who do you choose to be?


Gia Sena 1
You often feel that something is missing, that something isn’t as it should be. You feel a vacuum, something inside resists. You are experiencing a conflict between your thoughts, your feelings and your actions and you recognize that it is you sabotaging your own self. You feel disconnected from your inner power and wisdom. There are times when you wonder
“Whose life I am living?”
“How has my life reached the point it is today?”
“Things in my life are pretty good. Why don’t I feel satisfaction and joy?”
“Where does the anxiety, the fear and the lack of satisfaction, I often feel, come from?”
“Is this the life I have dreamed of?”

Gia Sena 2
This kind of thoughts clearly state that something inside wants to make its presence felt. It wants to attract your attention. This “something” is the part of yourself that has been ignored, either because you forgot about it as you were growing old and focused on the area of survival or distinction, or because you have buried it under the layers of “musts”, “shoulds” and social conventions. The expression “Life is a journey” is probably trite, but it doesn’t lose not even a grain of its truth and essence. When you decide to start this “journey of reunification and completion”, when you feel you are ready to free yourself from the pain of the past, I can be your best ally.

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